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Fierce and Fantastic!

Fierce and fantastic, The 4 Kids Baby Deinonychus Post Topper is also functional, the crowning feature of utility posts used in Prehistoric or Fantasy theme parks, playgrounds, museums, family fun centers and entertainment venues.  So lifelike it will make you look twice, the little dino is authentically detailed down to his yellow eyes and wide open mouth, making park goers wonder if he’s looking for a snack.  Plenty scary, even though they’re only babies, The 4 Kids Baby Deinonychus Post Toppers can certainly turn a boring set of park utility posts into an exciting adventure as they line walkways, welcome guests at the entrances or display signage, attracting the attention of delighted kids and adults too.  Favored among park planners and staff, The 4 Kid post toppers are crafted with high quality artistry as well as construction, plus an almost indestructible finish that is long lasting and resilient for years in all weather resistant.  The cooling of the earth may have contributed to the demise of this little fellow’s species, but not even ice, snow or salt spray from the ocean can cause damage to him.

  •          Customized designs for parks and playgrounds
  •          Expert team of artists
  •          Made in Greenville, Texas
  •          Virtually no maintenance required
  •          Exciting design to enhance park décor

Click Here to see this Deinonychus as a Sculpture

Baby Deinonychus Post Topper
1'7"L x 9.5"W x 1'2"H