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Challenge Yourself on a Rock Climbing Adventure

Kids love a climbing challenge. They see something big, and they want nothing more than to tackle it. The Andes Net Climber Challenge is definitely a rock that can do that. Kids can develop their fine motor skills such as climbing, balance and agility as they tackle the nets and make their way to the top and back down the other side. This rock climber is a 12foot long and 8foot high climbing challenge of fun. Climbers provide a chance for children to develop their cognitive skills by developing strategic problem-solving and reasoning. Plus, the Andes Net Climber is crafted with durable GFRC, making it a low-maintenance addition to playground equipment. When you need a unique piece for your school, park, museum, or themed playground, this climber is the perfect choice.

  • Engineered so kids use balance, strength, and coordination
  • Built with weather-resistant, kid-tough material
  • Crafted to fit perfectly into any themed park
  • Constructed to high safety standards
Andes Net Climber Challenge
12' x 16'W x 8'H