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Just wait until the kids at your theme park, commercial playground, fun center or family resort get a look at this Acadia Rock Net Climber from The 4 Kids! Virtually calling to that familiar instinct to climb, crawl and make believe that exists in every child, this amazing work of playground art is sure to thrill and delight little ones of any age. Low enough to the ground for even the tiniest tots, the net is 4 feet high and 5 feet long to accommodate the climbers who make their way across the net from rock to rock. While the kids are wild for this exciting park feature, parents and park property planners love it too, for very different reasons. A high degree of excellence in design and craftsmanship, plus stringent safety standards, make this net climber safe, sturdy and virtually maintenance free in all weather. Even snow, ice or the salt spray of the sea cannot damage the glass fiber reinforced concrete finish. The possibilities are endless for kicking up the fun factor anywhere with this great play design.

  • Custom designed by experts
  • For theme parks, indoor or outdoor playgrounds, family fun centers
  • GFRC construction for low maintenance
  • Safety is top priority


Material: Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete   

Color: Natural (Color may vary from image.)

Use Zone: 28' X 16'10"

Mounting Options:   Installation Option 1       Installation Option 2  

Acadia Rock Net Climber
28' X 16'10"