8ft Baby Brachiosaurus / Products

Maybe this baby is bigger than most, but it's the perfect size for adding friendly dino fun to your museum or themed attraction. Our Baby Brachiosaurus Sculpture is an attention grabber at more than 17 feet long and more than 8 feet tall--it's the kind of piece that draws attention from kids of any age. Constructed from tough material that holds up under rough weather and years of gathering attraction, this baby Brach is a low-maintenance addition to any themed exhibit. Many finishes and colors available.

  • Adds baby dino cuteness to any theme park or exhibit
  • Crafted with tough material that requires no special maintenance
  • One of many dinosaur-themed sculptures we offer
  • Great for museums, theme parks, and more

Color: As Shown (Color may vary from image.)

Mounting Options: Installation Options  

*The sculpture shown here is for display only. For usage in a playground, we will produce a slightly modified version for safety and durability reasons. If you have any questions or need help with recommendations, drawings, specifications, modifications or customization, we are here to help.

Typical modifications/customizations we can help you with include: changes in colors, age group, surfacing type, surfacing depth and attachment.

8ft Baby Brachiosaurus