10ft Pteranodon Sculpture / Products

Watch Out!

Watch your heads, this Pteranodon Sculpture is flying through. Though he is quite large, there is no worry of him scooping you up. This giant bird like creature is extinct, but will look great displayed in your museum, children's hospital or school. The kids will awe as they look over the lifelike look this sculpture presents. Although pteranodons aren't actually dinosaurs, they are usually put into the mix. We have many many prehistoric themed play sculptures for you to choose from. Why not create your own cretaceous setting with several of our gigantic creatures. We have some smaller ones too, like the Baby Triceratops and Hatching Brachiosaurus. Call us today to get started on your prehistoric exhibit of fun.

  • Fun for kids from 2 to 12 years old
  • Expert craftsmanship, high fun factor
  • Safe and sturdy
  • For outdoor or indoor playgrounds
10ft Pteranodon Sculpture
10'0.5"L x 3'7"W x 2'5.5"H