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The Amherst Gazebo from The 4 Kids is not like any other. Crafted with a superior design and a classic beauty, the Amherst is a wonderful addition to any country club, golf club or park. Offering a higher level of shelter from the sun or elements, this shelter offers two levels perfect for delivering community speeches or weddings, and it keeps the children busy as well. When not being used for charity events, it can be used during a family reunion of after the ceremonies. Walk up the simple staircase up to the second level where you can look over a handmade balustrade. Once at the top, children can slide down one of two ways. There is also the option to place a safety net around the second level. We are all about safety. Sturdy supports lend a simple charm that makes this gazebo a comfortable and captivating haven.

  • Custom created gazebos
  • Safe and low maintenance levels
  • Quality construction, superior design
  • Shady, comfortable shelter inmany venues
Amherst Gazebo w Slide
24'L x 10'W x 20'H