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Atlanta, Georgia

A Montessori School 

  • Created prehistoric climbers to add distinctive fun for little ones
  • Designed the skull based on a real T-rex skeleton
  • Constructed the climber using material resistant to weather, fire & natural disasters


The administrators of Atlanta’s first Montessori School wanted to provide something special that their preschoolers would enjoy. It had to be fun, long lasting, and above all safe for little ones.


We constructed three prehistoric themed pieces. There are two DinoBonz Balance Beams and a DinoBonz T-Rex Skull Climber. The life-sized T-Rex skull measures 5’ long and stands more than 3’ tall. Modeled from glass fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC), which is a material so strong and versatile that it is also known as smart concrete. It’s environmentally friendly and resistant to fire and harsh weather. GFRC doesn’t require special maintenance either, so the staff can focus more on the children than taking care of the climbers.


The children will enjoy recess even more, knowing that they can climb all over dinosaur bones. The T-Rex, with its large smile full of giant teeth, will be greeting them every day. These pieces provide an educational opportunity. Our climbers help children build strength and confidence while climbing.

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To see the item used in this project, click on the link below:

Dinobonz T-Rex Skull Climber

Dinobonz Balance Beams