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West, Texas

Honoring Our Heroes


 The 4 Kids design team is expert at the art of creating high quality park shelters and playground features that delight children and other visitors as well as honoring heroes, standing as tributes, memorials or themed settings for recreation areas. Shelters can be customized as detailed replicas of service helmets, such as the ones used by firemen, police or first responders, sports figures and others. The possibilities are endless for The 4 Kids individualized designs that are ideal for park and playground locations and will serve as community tributes. These specialized helmets are replicated and customized as picnic shelters, playground structures, or display features to enhance recreational facilities as well as commemorate special events and people.


The 4 Kids team of talented designers love a challenge, especially when it involves finding a way to put the “play” in playgrounds that give communities superior recreation facilities. Parker’s Park, a West, Texas playground that was destroyed in an explosion that claimed the life of a firefighter, was one such challenge. When the playground was rebuilt by a grateful community, planners asked The 4 Kids to design a park shelter that replicated the helmet of its firefighter hero, copying it exactly and in detail. High quality replication of cherished symbols is a hallmark of The 4 Kids designs, and helping a community honor its heroes is a great pleasure for our skilled artists, designers and engineers.  Our park shelters are not only attractive and functional, but with customized designs that are part of a park’s personality, they ensure that every tribute is timeless. The 4 Kids design team accepted the challenge for creating a detailed, perfect replica of the fire helmet of the hero of West, Texas.


Protecting the things we cherish is a natural instinct, and adding protection that is fun and exciting can enhance your park setting with color and style. Today, in the small Texas community of West, visitors on the playground are able to relax under the protection of town’s firefighter hero, sheltered by an amazing replica of his fire helmet, which stands in tribute to his sacrifice. If you have a vision for a commemorative park shelter for your community, The 4 Kids designers can bring it to life.  Imagine spending a pleasant afternoon at the playground, relaxing under an awesome fireman’s helmet adorned with authentic details in honor of these valiant protectors, or having lunch and chatting with friends at your local sports park, under the protection of an exact replica of your team’s helmet. If you have an idea, The 4 Kids can bring it to life, in vivid color with superior craftsmanship. Safe and durable, The 4 Kids craftsmen use only the toughest GFRP to ensure weather resistance, long life and low maintenance for years of service.


You can have the commemorative park or playground of your dreams, with features that provide an awesome setting for family fun and childhood play adventures, while building community awareness of its heroes. Honoring those who have made a difference in a special way blends a strong sense of appreciation with an amazing park environment, a perfect way to ensure your heroes’ place in the hearts of your community forever.

Next Step

To begin your journey to finding the perfect park setting for a fitting tribute to the difference makers in your life and the lives of your friends and neighbors, bring your ideas to The 4 Kids team of experts. Contact us for a free initial consultations to help you set up your project, and will work closely with you to pay homage to your heroes while providing a beautiful, well designed park setting for years of family and community fun and fellowship. 

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