North Image Park - Washington Project / Projects

 Vancouver, Washington

Dinosaurs Stomping in the Park

  • Provided several prehistoric themed pieces
  • Beautiful and realistic piece of playground art for children to enjoy
  • Made with weather-resistant, kid-tough material


The Landscape Architect contacted us requesting something special for the new park in Vancouver. The city had something special planned; they wanted it to be large, fantastic and have that wow factor. The plans were awesome, so we knew we had to jump right in.


To meet the customer’s request, we crafted several prehistoric themed pieces to fit the bill. There is a large nautilus shell at the entrance, dinosaur bone benches, a baby triceratops, stegosaurus, and a hatched t-rex. Kids will have a blast running around and touching every dinosaur they can. They can even look up to see the pterodactyl ‘flying’ overhead.


Families will now have an exciting, prehistoric-sized time playing. Parents can relax on the DinoBonz benches and watch their children as they play with a baby Triceratops, safely. This dino-rific playground definitely adds the right amount of wow the city was going for.

Next Step

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To see some of the individual products used in this project, click on one of the links below:

DinoBonz Balance Beams            Nautilus Shell