Lake Crook Park - Texas Project / Projects

Paris, Texas

Nature Themed Park Next to a Lake

  • Designed pieces that integrate seamlessly with the lake setting
  • Crafted play equipment using realistic textures that mimic logs & trees
  • Engineered custom structures with durable materials that stand up to the elements


Lake Crook Park, located in Paris, Texas, is set far back in the trees next to a beautiful lake. Our customer wanted something that would blend into their existing nature themed playset and its surroundings.


As custom is our middle name, this project presented another exciting task for our artist. The uniquely shaped rock climber was made to give children a challenge; a challenge to climb higher and build up their muscles and confidence. The Wyoming swing set was cladded in gfrc and carved to resemble the wood texture of the trees. It can accommodate up to three children, with two belt swings and an ADA swing. To match the surroundings and the swings, we also provided two gfrc log crawlers, matching stump steppers and a balance log.


This park provides a safe place for children to play freely and enjoy the outdoors. Being such a wide open space, families can picnic, have birthday parties, fish and enjoy a day of fun in the sun, out at Lake Crook Park.

Next Step

The 4 Kids play equipment is custom designed and crafted of environmentally safe and virtually maintenance free materials, the obvious next step for park planners is to contact us for a consultation. Our team will help custom design the perfect playscape to fit your needs.

To see the individual products used in this project, click on one of the links below;

Wyoming Swings     Log Crawler

Stump Steppers      Log Balance Beam