Hunt County Children's Advocacy Center - Texas Project / Projects

Greenville, Texas

Bringing Nature Indoors

  • Custom designed corner tree animal sculptures
  • Crafted custom pieces for a relaxing, nature themed play room
  • Complete with a frog, a turtle, and two custom trees


The workers at the Hunt County Children’s Advocacy Center in Greenville, Texas have a play room for the children who visit their facility. They wanted to redesign the playroom to bring joy to all the children they have and will care for.  This redesigned playroom would be dedicated as the Craig Bowers Memorial Playroom.


The artists at The 4 Kids came up with a custom designed tree to fit in the corner of their playroom, where there was once a large bookshelf. It needed to allow the children to play inside, provide a visual, and not take up too much space. The tree branches reach out allowing little animals to rest and watch over the children as they play. The branch of the large tree acts as a multi-purpose piece: a perch for the raccoon and for holding the tv remote. When the children are done playing, they can rest amongst the brown turtle and jumbo sized frog as they read a book.


The result was a wonderful, nature themed playroom that encourages children to play as they relax in a safe environment.

Next Step

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