Howell Park - Louisiana Project / Projects

Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Innovative Play Features Lend to Creative Play 

  • Largest and oldest community park nestled in Baton Rouge
  • Made three custom, innovative pieces for a themed park
  • Hand crafted with the ‘smart-crete’ for durability   


The Baton Rouge Parks and Recreation handle close to 200 parks in their community. They strive to make their community better by providing opportunities for the people to enjoy their city, with places such as art galleries, a zoo, a golf course, and a multitude of parks for the children to engage in social play. They wanted us to create custom pieces everyone could enjoy. 


We worked closely with the designers to make sure we had every measurement and detail correct. For the park, we crafted three custom, stylish pieces. There is a larger-than-life Red Hand sculpture for children to climb and sit upon, a specially designed Cocoon sitting atop a hill, for everyone to sit in and look across the park, and an Ancient Stone Ball for those who want to challenge the round climber to the top. 


The new play pieces blend in with the other features offered, making the playscape complete and the children happy.   

Next Step

Looking for a custom designed piece for your sports center, museum or rec center? Let us create something unique for your community. Our design team can customize to your needs and bring your ideas to life. Contact The 4 Kids today and consult for free.

To see the products used in this project, click one of the links below:

Hand Chair     Moon Cocoon

Ancient Stone Ball