Forney Community Park - Texas Project / Projects

Forney, Texas

Creating a Bold Entrance into the Park

  • Designed a park entrance reflecting the community’s history
  • Engineered with durable materials that stand up to the elements
  • Attention to detail for a life-like appearance


The City of Forney was in the process of creating a first class recreational facility. They asked us to create a feature that represented the Forney, and made a bold statement for the park entrance.


At the entrance, there are five huge cotton bales which rest against the sign to the park. Of course, they are not actually cotton. These thematic elements are composed of Stromberg's Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer . GFRP, as opposed to cement, has an extremely low weight. In the case of the cotton bales at Forney Community Park, this is an asset as the large bales are tilted at an angle on their edges. Also, the resistance to weather is infinitely better with Stromberg GFRP, meaning that these elements will stand the test of time with little to no maintenance required.


An astonishing and unique focal point for the park entrance, these cotton bale sculptures will be a marker for all patrons. The the life size cotton bales will be beckoning them to go in. It is all play and fun here at the Forney Community Park, which offers basketball, biking trails, soccer and softball fields, tennis and volleyball courts and much more.

Next Step

Park entryways are common architectural features on churches, parks, government buildings, and hospitality locations. Entryways serve a practical as well as an aesthetic function. If you’re looking for a unique park entrance for your resort, theme park or community park, let us help you by creating a feature that says much more than welcome. Let us help you show who you are.

Click here to see the Cotton Bale Bollard details