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This Sign stands strong

Clean lines and varied shapes create an attractive design for supporting important signage for every location as part of this amazing The 4 Kids sign structure from the experts in their Greenville, Texas studios.  Making sure that customers at the mall, patients at the physician’s clinic, children at the zoo, the ball park, or school, or even members of the public at government buildings are properly welcomed and clearly informed, this superior sign design is not only functional, but high quality.  Made to withstand everything the weather can throw at it, this superior sign structure is virtually indestructible with very little maintenance for years of service in rain, snow, ice, intense heat and even the salt spray from the sea.  Constructed with the “smart” concrete, glass fiber reinforced concrete, this customized sign structure design comes in heights of 3, 4, 5 or 6 feet with another one foot and three inches for sign supports that are mounted on an attractive brick base. From hospitals to hotels, shopping centers to day care centers, courthouses to colleges and everything in between, The 4 Kids sign structures are far superior to others.

  •      Customized designs
  •      American made in Texas
  •      Impressive creation that attracts the eye
  •      Virtually no maintenance required
  •      GFRC construction
Sign 6