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Make a Grand Statement with this Monument 

Peaked and pillared in astonishing style, The 4 Kids eye-catching sign structure presents your message with an old world charm and panache. If the first thing your guests see at the entrance to your theme park, theater, museum, retail outlet or place of worship is this well designed, impressive sign, they are sure to be back again and again. Setting the stage for fun, for business or for peaceful contemplation, The 4 Kids amazing design is crafted to blend well with the décor plan while attracting attention and creating the tone for every location. A popular style for many and varied locations, this design is also loved by property owners and venue maintenance staff who value its high quality glass fiber reinforced concrete finish that is damage resistant in all weather conditions. Not even the intense heat of the desert, snow and ice of the frozen north or the punishing exposure to sea salt spray can mar the good looks of this superior sign. Available in 3, 4, 5 and 6 feet tall versions, with an option for another foot and 3 inch brick base, the charming sign structure design can also be customized for size, shape and color.

  •          Custom designs
  •          American made
  •          High quality, low maintenance
  •          Ideal in all locations
  •          Weather-resistant
Sign 40