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Make a great firt impression

First impressions last forever, and something that catches the eye and engages a sense of curiosity always impresses. That’s just what this awesome signage structure from The 4 Kids in Greenville, Texas does. Eye-catching detail that includes two supporting pillars frame a peaked text display that attracts attention no matter where it is located, at churches and shrines, government buildings and military bases, day care centers, senior centers or family fun centers, shopping malls or entertainment venues. The possibilities are endless for placement and function of this unique 3, 4, 5 or 6 feet tall signage structure, with or without mounting on a well-crafted brick base. Whether it welcomes visitors at museum entrances, directs patients at medical clinics, points the way to fun for tourists at theme parks or highlights the attractions for moviegoers at theaters, this captivating design gets the job done. Indoors or outdoors, the glass fiber reinforced concrete finish on The 4 Kids sign structures resists damage and is virtually indestructible in all types of weather, even ice, snow or sea salt spray. 

  •          Bring your signage ideas to The 4 Kids, we’ll create them
  •          American made in Greenville, Texas
  •          Perfect for signage at any location
  •          One of a kind designs
  •          High quality, low maintenance, long life
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