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The perfect design to Welcome your Patrons

A peaked crown feature between stately posts offers an eye-catching opportunity to display signage in theme parks, entertainment centers, shopping malls and retail outlets, state facilities or courthouses or any location where high quality signage sets the tone for a successful visit. The 4 Kids sign structure design here is a classic example of our flawless detail paired with superior construction, just two of the reasons our clients are delighted with the signage displays created in our Greenville, Texas studios. At entrances, lobbies, queue areas, even outdoor tourist destinations, this sign structure will attract attention and get the message across to everyone, be they vacationers or medical patients, military personnel or students, shoppers or worshippers. Besides property owners, maintenance staffers appreciate the high quality style and craftsmanship of this design, since its glass fiber reinforced concrete finish is virtually indestructible in every kind of weather, such as extreme heat, ice and snow, or sea salt spray exposure.  Three, 4, 5 or 6 feet tall, this statuesque sign can also be mounted on a brick base for an added foot and 3 inches, or customized for your specific needs.

  •          Have your own ideas? We customize.
  •          Made in Texas
  •          Traditional, eye-catching style
  •          Designed for every location
  •          High quality, low maintenance
Sign 36