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Welcome your Patrons in style with this Sign

The perfect design for highlighting important messages for your clientele no matter who they are, this The 4 Kids sign structure displays signage with style and detail that sets it apart from others.  Flanked by block-like supports that are crowned by an elegantly sloping arch, the text area can accommodate lettering style or size and make your signage pop.  Talented artists on the design team at The 4 Kids are committed to the finest, sturdiest, most effective structures for every venue, conference centers to courthouses, medical clinics to military installations, theme parks to ball parks and everything in between.  Besides good looks and magnificent design, The 4 Kids’ sign structures are a study in durability. Crafted with glass fiber reinforced concrete for unmatched strength and resilience in all weather. These signs hold up to ice, snow and even the salt spray of the sea.  Available as tall as 3, 4, 5 and 6 feet, the sign can also be mounted on an attractive brick base for an extra foot and 3 inches of height.  Do you have ideas for setting off the signage at your location?  Call the experts today at The 4 Kids.

  •          Customized signage designs
  •          Studios in Greenville, Texas
  •          GFRC construction for virtually no maintenance
  •          Weather resistant and resilient
  •          Perfect at any location
Sign 32