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Welcome your Patrons with style

Make sure your public gets the message, with awesome style and exceptional panache when you display your signage on The 4 Kids sign structure designs such as this one.  Notched and sculpted using an artistic geometric technique, this sign includes an expansive recessed text area that will set your signage off and highlight it to great advantage.  Eye-catching and certain to attract the attention of everyone, whether they be patients at medical centers, patrons at art museums, tourists at theme parks, university students or pre-schoolers, these signage designs set the stage for a positive experience at every location.  Available for ordering in 3, 4, 5 and 6 feet tall versions, there is also an option to add an extra foot and 3 inches with a beautifully built brick base, or the talented professionals that make up The 4 Kids design team can take your ideas and customize your structure.  Placed indoors or outdoors, the structures will fare well, since the tough glass fiber reinforced concrete finish is virtually indestructible in all weather, snow, ice, intense heat or even salt spray from the sea.

  •          All American made
  •          Expert designers
  •          Signage displays are customized
  •          Initial consult is free
  •          Perfect for all locations
Sign 31