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Welcome your patrons with Style

Simple yet stately, this superior signage structure from The 4 Kids was created to attract attention and catch the eye of everyone; from patients at medical clinics, personnel at military installations, families at theme parks, shoppers at the mall and hundreds of other possibilities.  Clean, traditionally styled detail and a wide text display area ensures that your signage will do the job while adding a level of sophistication and charm to every location.  Created in 3, 4, 5 and 6 feet tall versions, the sign structure may or may not be mounted on an attractive brick base that adds an extra foot and 3 inches.  This design is impressive for many reasons, not the least of which is good looks, but property owners and maintenance coordinators love it because of its high quality craftsmanship and glass fiber reinforced concrete finish that is virtually indestructible, even in snow, ice, and intense heat.  Even sea salt spray can’t damage this exceptional signage structure.  Client ideas for signage are welcomed by The 4 Kids team of experts, who custom create according to client preferences.

  •          Made in America
  •          Customized signage structures by talented designers
  •          The 4 Kids is America’s foremost playground manufacturer
  •          Simple and clean, The 4 Kids design is charming
  •          Possibilities for placement are endless
Sign 30