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Announce your Services with an eye catching Sign 

An eye catching shape design and superior construction makes this The 4 Kids Sign structure perfect for placement virtually anywhere, but that’s not all.  As a splendid creation to support and display important signage in entertainment, civic, school, retail, recreational or even medical locations, this superior sign from the Greenville, Texas studios of The 4 Kids is also customized for height and width and can be mounted on an attractive brick base. Created to stand 3, 4, 5 or 6 feet tall, the brick base adds 1’3” for a commanding presence at entrances.  Whether the signage points the way to fun at the park or day care facility, or announces services at a church, or even displays instructions at the court house, this dignified design is perfect for placement indoors or outdoors. Crafted by renowned experts in the area of artistic, yet highly functional signage creations, this version is constructed in glass fiber reinforced concrete, known as the smart concrete in the industry, because it is virtually maintenance free. Even salt spray from the sea cannot damage The 4 Kids sign finish.

  • Customized for size, shape, color
  • Experts in signage designs
  • Choice of brick base mount or none
  • Property owners are delighted

Material: GFRC

Color: As Shown

Mounting Option: Installation Options

Sign 3
Fully Customizable