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A Sign for any occasion or venue 

Are you looking for a sign from your clientele that your signage displays are doing the job?  Look no further than The 4 Kids for expert sign structure designs like this one, an amazing concept for posting everything from company names and logos to welcome messages for guests at the theme park to menus for diners at restaurants, among hundreds of other of possibilities.  Ornate and majestic, the structure design features a dramatic pillared effect crowned by a graduated surface featuring a center block.  Beckoning to onlookers, the concept is eye-catching and attractive and delivers your content effectively and with amazing style and panache.  Besides a beautiful way to display signage, the structure also offers a high quality, glass fiber reinforced concrete finish that resists damage in all weather, a boon for décor planners, especially when the sign placement is out of doors.  Neither snow, nor ice, nor the salt spray of the sea can damage this superior design from The 4 Kids.  Available in 3, 4, 5, and 6 feet heights, the sign structure can also be mounted on an impressive brick base for an extra one foot and 3 inches.

  •          Custom designs from experts
  •          American made
  •          Dramatic design and high quality construction
  •          Get your message out with panache
  •          Team of talented artists
Sign 28