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Design your Sign the way you want it 

Signs, signs, everywhere a sign, but which ones do the best job getting the message out?  The ones displayed on The 4 Kids expert sign structures are the ones that catch the eye and attract attention every time at every location.  If you need a signage display structure that pairs well with the décor plan at your theme park, shopping mall, city hall or church, this classic design affords an elegantly crowned arch with plenty of room for text.  Pleasing in its simplicity and impressively functional, this high quality sign structure will successfully deliver its content virtually anywhere, from courthouses to basketball courts, day care centers to senior centers, hospitals to hotels, indoors or outdoors.  Choose 3, 4, 5 or 6 feet tall options with or without a great looking brick base that adds an extra foot and 3 inches to the height, or discuss your own needs with our expert designers who can customize your sign.  Tough and resilient in all weather conditions, the high quality craftsmanship includes a glass fiber reinforced concrete finish for virtually no maintenance in snow, ice, sea salt spray or intense heat.

  •          Low maintenance, high quality, versatile
  •          Produced in Texas
  •          Customization
  •          Expert artists and craftsman
  •          Tough gfrc finish
Sign 26