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Tastefully crafted for placement at any Venue

A unique, one of a kind oval design highlights your signage with panache and flair when it is displayed on The 4 Kids sign structure, crafted by artists in the Greenville, Texas studios.  Besides high quality craftsmanship that includes a glass fiber reinforced concrete finish and 3, 4, 5 or 6 feet high options with or without an attractive brick base, this sign structure is appealing and certain to catch the eye of everyone, be they patients at medical centers, students at schools and colleges, daycare or senior centers, even members of the public in civic buildings and entertainment venues.  The possibilities are endless for placement and this tastefully modern design lends an air of culture and refinement to signage for upscale restaurants, shopping malls, theme parks, boutiques and entertainment.  Located indoors or outdoors, the structure’s high quality construction makes it a favorite option for property owners who love the low maintenance requirements in all weather, even intense heat, sea salt spray, ice or snow.  Do you have a special location and a need for effective signage?  Call The 4 Kids experts today.

  •          Team of expert designers customize structures
  •          Uniquely contemporary oval design
  •          American made in Texas
  •          Ideal sign display for every venue
  •          Highest quality, virtually no maintenance
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