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 Presentation is key

Presentation is everything when it comes to effective signage, and the expert designers at The 4 Kids in Greenville, Texas created this eye-catching display structure to make the signs in your location pop.  From the classically arched crown to the recessed text area, this high quality sign commands attention and sets the perfect tone at tourist destinations, entertainment complexes, medical centers, universities, sports arenas, military installations or any space where superior signage is a must have.  To welcome customers at shopping mall entrances, supply needed information for patients at health clinics, or to direct and instruct visitors at civic buildings, no matter where your signs are located, it’s important that they are attractive and enhance the décor scheme.  The sign is 3, 4, 5 or 6 feet tall, and can also be mounted on a brick base for an extra foot and 3 inches.  Perfect for installation indoors or outdoors, The 4 Kids craftsmen use glass fiber reinforced concrete, known in the industry as the smart concrete, to ensure resilience and durability and a weather-resistant finish even in snow, ice or sea salt spray, resulting in virtually no maintenance requirements for years of service.

  •          Customized sign structures
  •          Made in America
  •          Possibilities for placement are endless
  •          Optional brick base
  •          Expert team of sign designers
Sign 23