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Customized and American Made

We don’t often notice, but the way we feel about the businesses we frequent, the entertainment centers we seek out, or the parks and playgrounds we prefer can be greatly affected by the signage used in those places.  The design and condition of a well-placed sign is a major factor in any décor scheme, crafted to set the tone for business, fun, work or play.  This exceptional sign structure from the talented artistic team at The 4 Kids in Greenville, Texas sets that tone to perfection, adding panache and flair wherever it is used.  It is easy to envision a welcome message at the entrance of a retail mall or outlet center displayed on the wide text area that is centered between two classically styled pillars and topped by an attention getting arch. The 4 Kids sign structures come 3, 4, 5 and 6 feet high with or without an impressive brick base, which adds an extra foot and 3 inches.  Ideal for courthouse or courtyard, clinic or country club, military base or museum, and hundreds more applications, it is virtually maintenance free in all weather conditions.  Constructed with glass fiber reinforced concrete, the high quality finish is indestructible.

  •          Customized sign structures
  •          American made in Texas
  •          Ideal for every location
  •          Functional décor accent
  •          Low maintenance
Sign 21