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A dignified and stately Sign to wow your guests

Dignified and stately, this superior sign structure from the artistic team at The 4 Kids is sure to enhance the décor at your location while providing signage with a flair for your public.  Arched and flanked by eye-catching posts, the message area of the sign structure is broad and roomy to accommodate any variety of style or size for text.  Heights for signs are 3, 4, 5 or 6 feet, with an option for mounting on an attractive brick base that adds an extra foot and 3 inches.  The style lends itself well for placement anywhere, from ballparks to basilicas, schools to shrines, hospitals to hotels and everything in between.  The possibilities are endless for locations either inside or outside, since weather is no problem for this high quality sign.  Crafted with glass fiber reinforced concrete, called the smart concrete in the industry, the sign retains its durable finish in any weather condition, including ice, snow or even the salty spray from the ocean for years of service with very little maintenance required.

  •          Bring your ideas to The 4 Kids, we’ll give them life
  •          3-6 feet high, on or off an attractive brick base
  •          Ideal for signage in every location
  •          Unique and high quality sign structure
  •          American made in Greenville, Texas
Sign 19