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Place this sign indoors or outdoors to make a Statement

The 4 Kids team of talented designers are well known for innovative, unique park and playground equipment placed worldwide, none more functional and well designed as the signage structures that help set the tone for parks, schools, military installations, shopping malls, courthouses, town halls, entertainment, commerce, dining, medical or sports venues.  The possibilities for placement of this particular design are endless, since its classic detail is displayed in a simple style that highlights text and attracts attention wherever it is located.  Important for welcoming visitors at entrances, providing directional information or crucial instructions, the sign structure stands ready to display its message while enhancing the décor plan to perfection.  Placement indoors or outdoors is possible, since superior glass fiber reinforced concrete construction ensures the sign is virtually maintenance free in all weather, even snow, ice and salt spray from the sea.  Available sizes are 3, 4, 5 or 6 feet tall, with an option for mounting on a one foot 3 inch brick base for extra height.  Of course, The 4 Kids team can customize sign structures to meet specific needs of clients.

  •          World renowned team of artists
  •          Made in Texas
  •          Customized for size, style and color
  •          Perfect for signage in every location
  •          Low maintenance, high quality
Sign 18