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Great for entrances to Court Houses, Churches, Schools, and more

This amazing sign structure created by the artists at The 4 Kids in Greenville, Texas, the country’s foremost manufacturer of park and playground equipment, is simplicity itself, offering a broad surface for signage in a classically sculpted display that includes a peaked roof detail that immediately attracts the eye.  Perfect as an informational display or welcome sign for churches, shrines, basilicas or institutions of higher learning since it mimics the traditional design for these facilities, the sign is also ideal at theme parks, municipal buildings, shopping malls, senior citizen and entertainment complexes, anywhere that requires high quality signage.  Besides the impressive detail and artistry, the structure is popular with property owners for different reasons, including a very high level of durability and quality.  Constructed with glass fiber reinforced concrete for maximum resilience in all weather, the structure is virtually indestructible, maintaining its superior finish in intense heat, snow, ice and even salt spray from the sea.  Options include heights of 3, 4, 5 and 6 feet and mounting on a base of brick at an added height of one foot 3 inches.

  •          Bring your ideas to The 4 Kids for customized sign structures
  •          Simple yet effective sign display
  •          Highest quality, low maintenance
  •          Made in America
  •          Possibilities for placement are endless
Sign 16