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Customized to your specifications

Announcing its message under a double arched crown, this sign structure by The 4 Kids in Greenville, Texas sets the tone for a pleasant experience wherever it is located, state parks, shopping malls, municipal buildings, educational facilities, or entertainment venues, among many others.  Expert designers employ a large bank of knowledge and skill to customize signage design that perfectly complements the décor scheme of your venue, be it daycare center or senior center, ballpark or basilica, military base or museum.  Flanked by interesting detail that includes stacked stone columns and a graduated base, the 3, 4, 5 or 6 feet high structure may also be mounted on an impressive brick base that will increase its height by a foot and 3 inches according to your specific signage needs.  Customized for size, shape and color, the sign structure is created by masters in the art of park equipment and features quality craftsmanship such as glass fiber reinforced concrete for virtually no maintenance requirements in all weather.  Even the salt spray from the ocean can’t damage this superior finish.

  •          The 4 Kids design team brings your ideas to life.
  •          High quality signs with low maintenance required
  •          American made in Greenville, Texas
  •          Possibilities for placement are endless
  •          Sets the stage for success
Sign 15