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Great for Churches, Shopping Malls, Medical Clinics and more

To most decorators who plan the décor for businesses and municipal facilities, the psychological element is very important.  In order to set the proper tone for worship at church, fun at the park, commerce at the shopping mall or calm at the medical clinic, the proper use of signage design can go a long way.  This exceptional sign structure from The 4 Kids in Greenville, Texas crowns important text with a peaked detail over a broad surface.  In heights of 3, 4, 5 and 6 feet with an option for mounting the sign on an attractive brick base that adds an additional one foot and 3 inches, the stately structure inspires trust and lends a traditional flair to the décor scheme at churches, parks, museums, universities, libraries, municipal buildings, medical facilities or any number of locations where quality signage is a must.  Indoors or outdoors, The 4 Kids structure is the perfect display for vital information to welcome visitors, clients, patients, students or guests to your venue.  Crafted from glass fiber reinforced concrete, the smart concrete as it is known in the industry, the superior finish is virtually indestructible in all weather conditions.

  •          Customized signage
  •          Expert artistry
  •          Ideal for all locations
  •          Classic design creates a mood
  •          Made in America
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