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Great for Parks, Hospitals, Senior Centers, and much more

Simple, clean lines with a recessed area for text flanked by uniform stacked blocks, set on a graduated base and crowned by a subtle arch, The 4 Kids sign structure is a popular option for décor planners.  Perfect for welcoming visitors to theme parks or patients to medical centers, providing directions for campers at state parks to browsers at museums, instructing clients and the general public at universities, libraries, courthouses or entertainment centers, this exceptional sign display structure is superb.   Three, 4, 5 or 6 feet tall, the sign may or may not be set upon an attractive brick base that will increase its height by one foot 3 inches, according to client preference.  The expert design team in the Greenville, Texas studios are well-known for creating high quality park and playground equipment, and their talent extends to an amazing collection of superior sign structures such as this one.  Customized based on individual placement specifics, the sign display requires virtually no maintenance in all weather conditions, due to the excellent glass fiber reinforced concrete craftsmanship, for years of durable service.

  •          Know what you need?  We’ll design it.
  •          Made in Texas
  •          The perfect mix of artistry and craftsmanship
  •          Highest quality, lowest maintenance requirements
  •          Parks, hospitals, schools, courthouses, museums, senior centers and many more
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