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"Welcome Visitors"

Everyone knows first impressions are crucial, especially the expert sign structure artists in the Greenville, Texas studios of The 4 Kids.  The way visitors are welcomed at entrances to a theme park, entertainment center or even a medical facility can often set the stage for the entire experience.  That’s why this high quality, well designed sign structure is perfect for displaying important information, catching the eye with it’s classic arch and simple, clean lines.  It is also crafted for tough durability, with a virtually indestructible finish.  Designed to draw attention, with a broad surface for business logos at retail outlets, directional information in state parks or theme parks, instructions for the general public at civic or municipal buildings, museums, libraries or schools.  An essential part of every décor plan, good signage is a must and The 4 Kids provides the very best.  Indoors or outdoors, The 4 Kids sign structures are weather-resistant, due to a sturdy glass fiber reinforced concrete finish that is virtually maintenance free.  Not even snow, ice, intense heat or salt spray from the sea can damage this superior sign structure.

  •          Available in 3, 4, 5 or 6 feet heights, with or without another 1 foot 3 inch brick base
  •          Customized designs
  •          American made
  •          High quality
  •          Endless possibilities for placement
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