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Unique Sign Structure for all Venues

This unique signage structure from The 4 Kids includes simple two sets of stacked blocks flanking the text area of the sign, ideal at entrances to identify company locations, at theme parks to welcome visitors, or to provide directional information for universities, libraries, shopping malls, even ballparks and military installations.  The possible locations for this exceptional sign display are endless, from schools to shrines, daycare centers to senior centers, restaurants to rest areas and hundreds more.  The first opportunity to make that important first impression, proper signage is vital and the experts at The 4 Kids produce superior designs that inspire a level of trust for property owners who depend on quality as well as good looks.  Requiring virtually no maintenance in all weather conditions, the sign structure is crafted with glass fiber reinforced concrete, known in the industry as the smart concrete for its superior finish and durability, which even resists damage from sea salt spray.  Available at 3,4,5 and 6 feet tall, the structure can also be mounted on a sturdy brick base for an extra foot and 3 inches of height. 

  •          Sign designs are customized for client needs
  •          Perfect chance to create a good first impression
  •          Possibilities for placement are endless
  •          Made in the USA
  •          Sturdy and virtually maintenance free
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