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Classic design meets full function in the Perry Bollard Planter. Engineered with architectural-grade material that resists impact, water, and weather, this planter is designed to provide added security to sites like apartment buildings, offices, resorts, and more. Use this bollard to protect pedestrians, slow traffic, or restrict access. The beauty of this piece is that it’s also visually appealing, allowing you to add the greenery that’s so important for creating a people-friendly property. The 4 Kids team will customize the bollard’s size to suit your project -- no matter how big or small.

• Available in finishes like concrete or stone
• Many color options as well as color matching for existing amenities
• Fast turnaround time on most projects
• Manufacturer-direct prices

Material: Check Our Brochure for Material Options 

Color: Custom colors available 

Mounting Options: Bollard Mounting

Perry Bollard Planter