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Timeless style makes the Hocking Bollard Planter an elegant choice for arboretums, botanical gardens, museums, resorts, and more. We use architectural-quality material to construct a planter that adds beauty while functioning to divert vehicles or guide foot traffic. It’s sturdy enough to handle whatever nature dishes out, and it will resist impact. The Hocking provides visual interest when displayed as a single piece, but it makes an impressive impact en masse. Since we deliver full custom services, you can even display a group of these bollard planters in different sizes.

• Offered in finishes like concrete and stone
• Low-maintenance material
• Nearly endless color options, plus color matching for restoration
• Friendly team on hand to provide a free quote

Material: Check Our Brochure for Material Options 

Color: Custom colors available 

Mounting Options: Bollard Mounting

Hocking Bollard Planter