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For the budding archaeologist who delights in prehistoric fantasy, The 4 Kids Dino Bonz Climber is a playground dream come true.  Designed by the playground geniuses in the Greenville, Texas studios of The 4 Kids, the Dino Bonz Climber kicks up the fun factor in Dinosaur and Prehistoric theme parks or splash pads while providing expertly designed décor elements to help set the stage for family entertainment.  The expertly designed Dino Bonz Climber is the creation of The 4 Kids team of expert playground artists and engineers and features a set of fascinating dinosaur bones fossilized in a rock which beckons young climbers. Forty-eight inches high and crafted from glass fiber reinforced concrete, the “smart” concrete, the play sculpture offers an awesome opportunity for kids to climb, crawl, balance and make believe to their hearts content at commercial or community playgrounds or family fun centers.  Safe and durable, the Dino Bonz Climber is custom designed and requires virtually no maintenance in all weather. 

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Dino Bonz Climber
48"L x 48"W x 48"H