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No park or playground is complete without a unique and one-of-a-kind climbing wall such as The 4 Kids high quality design, customized according to specific client needs to meet specifications for placement everywhere kids gather to have fun.  A team of talented experts that includes artists, designers and engineers take the ideas of park planners, playground committees and theme park administrators and bring them to life for clients, producing the most awesome playground designs that exist.  The 4 Kids climbing wall is certain to provide hours of park and playground fun and adventure for kids of all ages, and grown ups are especially happy about the high standards for safety and durability.  Crafted with glass fiber reinforced concrete, the smart concrete, the wall is 4 feet 6 inches long and 5 feet wide, perfect for little climbers as well as bigger ones who delight in scaling the heights of excellent playground structures such as this one.  Strict safety standards and high quality construction ensures low maintenance levels and years of wear.

  • Designed by playground artists and engineers
  • High quality construction, virtually no maintenance
  • Safety is top priority
  • Hours of fun on the playground for kids of all ages
Climbing Wall
3' x 4'6" x 5'