TLC Learning Center - Colorado Project / Projects

Longmont, Colorado

TLC Learning Center

  • Provided a custom t-shaped swing set
  • We provide textured swings to fit your theme
  • High quality construction ensuring many years of enjoyment


We were contracted to create a custom swing set for a preschool in Colorado that would allow children of different ages to play together.


We created a T-shaped swing set with a belt and bucket swing seat. This piece truly says nature with its realistic feel and appeal. All of the children will be excited to swing all day.


A staple of every playground and often the main attraction are the swings. Now the little ones at the TLC Learning Center have their own swing set to kick their feet on and swing up, up, up.

Next Step

Our play equipment is custom designed and virtually maintenance free; the obvious next step for park, museum, and playground planners is to contact our team for a free consultation. We work closely with you to design the perfect play component that will complement and enhance your setting. Contact us today.