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Custom Plaques

  • Custom bronze plaque
  • Specially crafted to fit dimensions and dedication
  • Bronze, GFRC, GFRP, Stone finishes available


One of Greenville’s local parks, over 100 years old, had gone through many renovations. The most recent update being in 2012, due to the generous help of a Texas Park and Wildlife parks fund. In order to commemorate this donation, the Parks department wanted something special.


We were commissioned to create an engraved, bronze plaque to be affixed at the entrance of the park. It would have the sponsor’s name and all of the city council member’s names.


Affixed onto a large boulder, at the entrance of a 10-acre park, is a beautifully made, bronzed, dedication plaque. With detailed engraving, each letter is easily legible for a timeless piece to be seen for many more generations.

Next Step

The 4 Kids play equipment is custom designed and crafted of environmentally safe and virtually maintenance free materials. For a special dedication plaque of your own, contact our team to get started. We look forward to working with you.