Spirit Park - Texas Project / Projects

Allen, Texas

Rustic Play

The Challenge

Our customer came to us, with a specific design in mind, asking us to make it a reality. The City of Allen was adding on to Spirit Park, an adult sports complex, to create a more family-friendly park. The additions would allow for more recreational opportunities, a playground being one of them. We were asked to design two large tin roofs, that would each sit atop an already constructed play structure.


Staying in line with the rustic theme, our team created a tin roof with siding and chimneys. To add to the décor, finishing touches were added: such as vintage road signs, a Texas flag, and faux windows.


With the addition of the tin roofs, the playground is complete. There are triple level play structures, multiple style slides, a fireman pole, net bridges and more. The entire component is large enough for half the neighborhood. The children can play all day, and relax in the shade provided by the tin roofs, which are each 11 feet long.

Next Step

Any color, any size, any texture…The 4 Kids will turn your themed playground idea into a reality. Contact our team for a free initial consultation –we’ll transform your museum, park or preschool play area into a place where visitors make memories.

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