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Stillwater, Oklahoma

A Playground Dedication

The Challenge

In memory of a sweet young girl, who had a big heart, the people at Salem Lutheran Church wanted to dedicate something special; something to share the same spirit with all the children of the church. They asked us to make a pug animal sculpture; as that was the little girl's favorite animal. 

The Solution  

After speaking with the client about the details of the project, our team went to work to create and deliver. When it comes to dedications, details are of upmost importance, as it is a piece to represent or honor someone. We wanted to create a realistic puppy sculpture that could withstand the hot and cold temperatures of Oklahoma, and the constant touching from all who passed, as it would be sitting in the middle of a playground.   

The Result

The result was a darling white and black pug sculpture crafted from durable materials and mounted for everyone to see. This pug will stand as an ‘In Memory’ piece for Rebecca, the little girl to which the playground was dedicated. All children who play here will be full of smiles each time they run past this sweet pup.

Next Step

If you need a custom piece created for a dedication or a mascot to show your school pride, we offer custom designs based on client preference. Each item is created using valuable input from you, down to size, shape and color. Call today  – we can’t wait to see what you’re dreaming up!

To see the individual item used in this project, click on one of the link below:

Pug Pup