Riverton Park - California Project / Projects

Temecula, California

Riverton Park

  • Provided a whimsical roof for a playground
  • Custom styles and colors available
  • High quality construction ensuring many years of enjoyment


We were contracted to create a custom, whimsically shaped roof that would sit atop a playground structure at Riverton Park. This roof was to be hand crafted and detailed.


Our artists worked diligently and meticulously on this to create a piece that was, not only eye catching, but fit. With plans in hand, dimensions were precisely measured, as this piece had to fit onto an existing play structure. They also wanted natural colors to fit with the rest of the playground.


With the natural colors of brown and green, this piece really pops. At eleven feet long, both ways, this roof is nothing short of coming out of a fairy tale. With its curvy trusses and circular windows, down to the shingles, this roof definitely fits the mold.

Next Step

Our play equipment is custom designed and virtually maintenance free; the obvious next step for park, museum, and playground planners is to contact our team for a free consultation. We work closely with you to design the perfect playground that will complement and enhance your theme. Contact us today.

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