Riverstone Central Park - Texas Project / Projects

Sugar Land, TX

Riverstone Central Park

  • Provided three different swing sets
  • Swing post were covered in textured gfrc to resemble tree bark
  • Materials used are resistant to fire & natural disasters


The Riverstone Community offers their residents recreational opportunities to stay active all day, all year. There are trails, tennis courts, a dog park and more. They wanted a place where children could enjoy the outdoors while getting their exercise in, just like mom and dad. They had an activity park, but wanted some swing sets that fit their theme.


Nestled in a small nature themed activity park, surrounded by trees, log benches and a pond are three swing sets made for the residents of Avalon. With one ADA swing, three belt swings, one bucket and one basket swing, kids of all ages will be able to enjoy the outdoors. The swing posts are textured with gfrc to resemble bark, helping them to blend into the nature setting.


Now, the residents of Avalon can relax after jogging the trails, and watch their children play happily in a nature themed playscape. Now, a great place to have picnics and make memories. The swing sets are made to grow with the children, as they can transition from a bucket seat to a belt seat. The ADA swing offers the opportunity for everyone to swing.

Next Step

Our swings are made to meet all safety standards and can be customized to fit all swing types. Why not order a set for your park today? Contact us today, to start your custom order.


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