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Daycare Tree House Gives Kids A Place to Play


The expert staff at Oak Haven Kid’s Club are dedicated professionals who work hard to help their clients achieve a healthy level of wellness. Their clients being children. Oak Haven Kid’s Club wanted to provide an enjoyable, safe and healthy experience children could get on an outdoor playground inside their daycare.  


Custom created by our expert artists and craftsmen, the Tree House fits this indoor space without sacrificing any of the features kids love. This treehouse provides a delightful setting for make believe adventure. Kids can climb the stairs, wave to friends below deck and play in the clubhouse. It’s fun sliding down the spiral slide, then hiding inside the tree. The tree house is constructed with durable materials and strict safety standards. Parents can truly relax knowing their little ones are happily engaged as well as safe.


Now, children really look forward to daycare, since it means they can enjoy the indoor tree house, which provides the best playtime experience for their bodies and developing imaginations. The well-crafted, realistically designed Tree House is impressive for clients as well as their children. It is a wonderful enhancement for the general décor and a brilliant idea for the kids.  

Next Step

Do you have a business or service center that could benefit from offering your little visitors something to do during their stay, making it a pleasant experience for them and their parents? At The 4 Kids, our team of professionals can provide expertise, guidance and custom designs to fit your space and your specific needs. Contact us today for a free consultation. 

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