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Lafayette, Louisiana 

A Community Treasure

·   Created custom sculptures for their water park
·   Crafted each piece using resilient, low-maintenance material
·   Each piece was casted with custom, hand-made molds

The Challenge

The design group for the community contacted us to create three custom pieces for their new splash park. They had specific requirements in regards to features, colors and safety requirements for each piece. 


To fill this special request, we put our design skills to work. The splash pad alligator couldn’t look scary, needed to be safe to climb and would look cool when cut in half. The crocodile had to look realistic, without looking scary. Getting the colors just right was just as important.


In the splash area, you will find an alligator that spans just over 20 feet, split in half! We've covered this piece with a smooth aggregate surface to prevent slipping. Over at the playground, is the 15 foot crocodile piece waiting to play. In case it swings too close, you can jump on the Pirogue we've made to save yourself. Or you can just sit and enjoy a snack.

Next Step

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