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Meridian, Mississippi

Meridian’s ‘My Fantastical Backyard’

  • Designed play structures to integrate with the museum’s inspiring theme
  • Created brightly colored pieces that would stand out
  • Crafted all structures using kid-tough, weather-resistant materials
  • Designed new pieces to provide shade and relaxation


The new museum in Meridian, MS wanted to create a space that would inspire imaginations. The space would need durable structures that could provide children an opportunity to engage with each other and improve social skills.


Our team crafted the perfect hang out spot for when it gets too hot. Imagine a 7 foot tall Lily Pad shade cover. It has a 6 foot wide, bright green lily pad resting atop a slightly curved “stem”. Little ones can sit in the shade on the matching green lily pad stools underneath. Each stool is a 1 foot tall lily pad, painted bright green to match the shade. We also made a bright pink Mushroom House and Sky Blue Acorn for children to play hide-n-seek inside.

Each piece was crafted using either glass fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC) or glass fiber reinforced polymer (GFRP). Both materials are durable, low maintenance, and will keep their vibrant colors for many years—even under the Mississippi sun.


The musuem’s My Fantastical Backyard’s structures create a memorable, interactive playland where little ones can run, play and let their imaginations run wild.

Next Step

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To see the individual products used in this project, click on one of the links below:

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