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Lynnfield, Massachusetts

Market Street Lynnfield Has It All, Even Lovable Frogs and Tortoises

Everyone loves Market Street Lynnfield in Lynnfield, Massachusetts.  Much more than just a shopping center, it’s a family outing extraordinaire that includes movie nights, 5K runs, community events and live music, complete with captivating, artistically rendered playground features to delight the kids.

  • A fantastic pair of realistic, lifelike works of playground art enhances Market Lynnfield
  • The 4 Kids in Greenville, Texas kicks up the fun factor at Market Street Lynnfield
  • Excellent tortoise and frog thrill and delight


The 4 Kids design team relishes the chance to create and construct just the right structure for special locations that will captivate crowds no matter what their ages.  For Market Street Lynnfield, these playground geniuses knew they needed to come up with something unique to round out and blend with a super shopping/entertainment/dining experience, especially for the kids.  The finished product had to be a remarkable part of this busy city center’s service oriented venue.


Now, when families plan activities at Market Place Lynnfield, the kids are as enthusiastic about the visit as Mom and Dad.  Kids are always top priority in the studios of The 4 Kids, and our team came up with awesome playground sculpture replicas of a lifelike tortoise and a big, bulging-eyed frog, inviting little climbers, crawlers and balancers to come and play while Mom and Dad relax and enjoy the music, do some shopping or have a bite to eat at Market Street Lynnfield. , The tortoise and frog are perfect playmates for energetic kids with lively imaginations.


At Market Street Lynnfield, it’s true you can find anything you need, especially if you’re looking for a wonderful play experience for youngsters, or a chance to relax and enjoy the friendly atmosphere while taking in the artistry and craftsmanship of the magnificent playground tortoise and frog works of art.  A trip to Market Street Lynnfield, whether for shopping, dining, participating in special events, or family entertainment, is not complete without enjoying some time with the popular frog and tortoise that beckon to kids and captivate adults.  That the kids love these play sculptures is a given, but the grownups are very impressed also, for completely different reasons.  Crafted using the most stringent safety standards, the animal play features are constructed with top quality, cutting edge materials that ensure they are virtually maintenance free in all weather conditions. 

Next Step

Is there a place in your city’s shopping area, outlet center, theme park, family resort or fun center for The 4 Kids unique and versatile playground artwork?  Can you see a tortoise or a frog in your park’s future? Your next move is to contact the experts at The 4 Kids for a free consultation. 

To see the individual products used in this project, click on one of the links below;

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