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Greenville, Texas

A Destination for Sports Fun

A neighborhood sports park is much more than just a place to play ball, it’s the heart of a community, especially the Greenville Sports Park in Greenville, Texas.  A gathering place for friends and family as well as players and spectators, the Sports Park is a busy, family friendly fun center.  That’s why marking each visitor’s way to the park with a collection of impressive sports icons has drawn kudos from Greenville’s sports community.

  • Superior signage that points the way
  • Sports icon design is realistic
  • High quality landmark anchors park decor   


The City of Greenville wanted a park entrance that would really stand out to welcome the park goers of the community. Working to find the ideal way to mark this busy park center, our team of artists, designers and engineers gathered together to create a structure that not only points the way to park facilities, but makes a dramatic statement about the many aspects of the sports world. 


Greenville Sports Park designers from The 4 Kids came up with a splendid design to draw the entire community of sports enthusiasts together at the park, a meticulously crafted set of sports icons, including a baseball, football, hockey stick and puck, a soccer ball and a basketball, all mounted on bricklike pedestals in natural red and white.  Aesthetically pleasing, this work of playground art is eye catching, as visitors to the park never fail to note.  Perfectly crafted to the last detail, the design is truly magnificent.   Since durability and weather resistance are important considerations, the design is constructed with glass fiber reinforced polymer to ensure a vibrant, long-lasting finish in every weather condition and requiring virtually no maintenance. 


A simple, yet imposing design lets park goers know they have arrived and are in for an exciting sports experience at Greenville Sports Park.  Prominently situated where it can be appreciated by players, spectators and all other park visitors, the sports icon monument in Greenville Sports Park is a source of great pride for neighbors, young athletes and the community in general. Thanks to the talented team of artists, playground designers and engineers in the studios of The 4 Kids, this significant creation has taken its place as a community landmark.      

Next Step

Do you see a place in your park, playground, sports center, museum or theme park for a customized design such as the one in Greenville, something created just for your community?  The 4 Kids expert design team can customize your design to meet your specific needs. Contact The 4 Kids today and consult for free with the experts.

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