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Wooster, Ohio

Everyone Can Play & Learn On This Specially Designed Tree House

  • Crafted custom tree house to accommodate children with special needs
  • Designed the structure to provide a sensory environment similar to formal therapy
  • Hand carved woodland creatures into the bark for a nature experience
  • No plastic on this playground.


The City of Wooster in Ohio wanted a tree house that was unique and could fit the needs of all children that wanted to play at the Christmas Run Kiwanis Park. They also had a request of no plastic. We had to create a fun tree house that children could go up, down, and through. Some children that play can’t climb, so we needed to make a way for kids to be able to go all the way through the base of the tree.


The 4 Kids designed and built a customized tree house that is ADA accessible for all. The tree house was originally a conceptual drawing called The Queen Anne, and we customized it to fit the client’s wants. They requested no plastic. Everything was handcrafted out of glass fiber reinforced concrete, except for the tire swing and chain. The tree has realistic tree texture with hand carved animals in the trunk. The children can climb the stairs to the second level and look out the windows. There is also a fireman’s pole for them to slide back down. For those who can’t climb stairs can still enjoy the tree house. The hollow of the tree was made wide enough for those with wheel chairs to be able to go inside the tree and play.


The children love the new addition to their playground, and all line up to await their turn. Everyone loves a tree house, and this one can’t be beat. With a tire swing, a fireman pole, two levels of play and animal sculptures, this tree house really stands out. The kids have a space that’s all their own…a place where they can be just kids.

Next Step

Are you planning a playground to accommodate special needs? Whether you need play equipment for a home, school, park, hospital, or rehabilitation facility, The 4 Kids’ team will collaborate with you to create a place where children with special needs are able to feel like kids. Contact us to learn more.

To see the tree house used in this project, click on the link below:

Oakland Tree House